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Let Us Help Start Your Rewarding Career As an Automotive or Auto Body Repair Tech

According to the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA), US technical colleges and training programs graduate about 37,000 service technicians each year. But there is a national need for approximately 76,000 new techs annually just to keep pace with job creation, retirements and resignations.

Thus, members of the local Hampton Roads Auto Dealers Association started the Youth Automotive Training Program (YATP) with the purpose of promoting an exciting, well paying and very rewarding career as an automotive repair technician.

It's an exciting time to be in the industry, says Larry Hourcle, an instructor at the NADA Academy in Tyson's Va. "There's been a huge cultural shift. We thought everybody had to go to college, but especially working for the franchised dealers, it's a great opportunity to make a lot of money." Hourcle says. "Maybe we didn't put enough emphasis on getting that word out."

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